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Development Philosophy

KGM also strives to satisfy its customers.Its products are designed to improve the quality of life for customers and earn their trust with consistent quality and durability.

A dedication to quality and improving the quality of life of customers is at the heart of KGM design philosophy. In fact, developing strong, durable, and authentic products of high quality and a consistent commitment to customer satisfaction are KGM development philosophy

RSP robust . specialty . premium

Maintaining and enhancing strengths (durability, safety, etc.)

Developing products that are durable in structure, masculine in design, and authentic and reliable over time ("robust")

  • Ensuring trust in safety
  • Ensuring durability
  • Pursuing perfection
  • Developing authentic and robust designs

Selective focus for differentiation (niche strategy)

Developing distinct products, new markets, and original designs ("specialty")

  • Realizing superior quality at all times and places
  • Developing original designs
  • Ensuring authentic communication with customers
  • Providing new inspirations for the future

Core values ("premium")

Developing high value-added products with (1) the latest technology and (2) a high-end strategy ("premium")

  • Pursuing consistent values in product designs
  • Ensuring mastery of craft
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibilities
  • Realizing high-end designs and values.