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  • Radiator grille

  • Front Bumper

  • Integrated HID headlamps, modularized LED DRLs, positioning lamps, and directional indicators

  • Front fog lamps

  • Designer roof rails

  • Touch sensitive external door handles

  • Outside rearview mirrors with welcome system

  • Wheels

  • Rear combination lamp

  • Black rear bumper

  • Easy-to-use drop-down tailgate


Sandstone Beige

Sandstone Beige
Grand White
Silky White Pearl
Marble Grey
Amazonia Green
Indian Red
Galaxies Grey
Space Black
  • Radiator grille

    이미지 확대
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) headlights

    이미지 확대
  • Front fog lamps

    이미지 확대


20" Sputtering Wheel

  • 17" Steel Wheels

  • 17" Alloy Wheels

  • 18" Alloy Wheels

  • 18" Black Alloy Wheels

  • 20" Sputtering Wheels

  • Designer roof rails

    이미지 확대
  • Touch sensitive external door handles

    이미지 확대
  • Outside rearview mirrors with welcome system

    이미지 확대
  • Wheels

    이미지 확대
  • Rear combination lamp

    이미지 확대
  • Black rear bumper

    이미지 확대
  • Easy-to-use drop-down tailgate

    이미지 확대


360 view
  • Brown interior with black headlining

  • Black interior with black headlining

  • Black interior with gray headlining

  • Black interior

  • Black interior

  • Khaki interior

  • Heated front and rear seats

  • Ventilated front seats

  • ISOFIX child seat fixings

  • Instrument panel mood lighting

  • Part-time 4WD switch

  • 6-speed automatic gear

  • Heated leather steering wheel cover

  • Overhead console with LED map lights

  • Front camera module with rain-sensing and automatic headlight control

  • 2nd row seat central armrest with cup holder

  • 2nd row air vent


Space to spare in the second row



The quad frame structure is extremely strong and
highly effective in isolating road shock when driving over
rugged terrain or speed bumps, thus ensuring optimal rigidity and stability.


High-density, high-tensile-strength steel plate makes up 79.2% of all the steel plate used in the body-chassis,
providing superb rigidity and protection against deformation in a collision.
Thus, protection of the vehicular occupants has been maximised.

  • Driver's airbag
  • Passenger's airbag
  • Driver's & passenger's side airbags
  • Curtain airbags

    The advanced driver assistance system of MUSSO GRAND maintains the distance with the vehicle in front (accelerating / decelerating) based on the speed set by the driver during highway and general road driving, and assists in lane keeping through leading-edge technologies. It also adjusts the driving speed for enhanced driving comfort on highways based on navigation data, Making it an advanced autonomous driving assistance system.

    * When using IACC, drivers are advised to keep their hands on the steering wheel and keep looking ahead.

    * Automatic accelerating function, in case the vehicle in front accelerates, is not included.

  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

    ESS helps warn surrounding traffic when emergency braking on the Musso is detected.
    The system flashes the rear brake lights whilst braking, and automatically activates the hazard lights once the vehicle has stopped.

  • Hill Descent Control (HDC)

    A low-speed control system is automatically activated
    when the vehicle is negotiating a steep downhill gradient, preventing sudden acceleration.

  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)

    This feature helps prevent roll-back when starting up again from a stopped position on an incline by maintaining brake pressure
    while the driver’s foot switches between the brake and accelerator pedals.

The new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

  • AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)

    • AEB helps to avoid or mitigate collisions by detecting slow moving or stalled vehicles ahead and warning the driver in advance.
  • FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

    • FCW alerts the driver when another vehicle or pedestrian appears ahead.
  • SDA (Safety Distance Alert)

    • This warns about safe braking when distance is not maintained from the car ahead.
  • FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alert)

    • This attracts the driver’s attention through a visual pop-up and audible sound when the vehicle directly in front is pulling away.
  • HBA (High Beam Assist)

    • This automatically dips the headlights when an approaching vehicle is detected, making night driving easier and safer.
  • DAA (Driver Attention Alert)

    • If the DAA system senses the driver’s attention is wandering, it gives an audible warning and visual alert on the instrument cluster.
  • LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist)

    • LKAS uses a forward-facing camera to monitor the painted lane lines. On detecting an attempt to change lane without prior signaling, it automatically corrects the electric power steering to keep the vehicle within the intended lane.
      * Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is included
  • BSA (Blind Spot Collision Assist)

    • Automatically applies the brakes if there is a risk of a collision with vehicles in the blind-spot while changing lanes.
  • SEW (Safety Exit Warning)

    • This warns if there is a risk of collision with vehicles in the blind-spot when an occupant opens the door to get out of the vehicle after stopping.
  • RCTA-i (Rear Cross Traffic Collision Assist Intervention)

    • When reversing and an approaching vehicle is detected in its path, RCTA sounds an alarm and automatically applies the brakes to stop the vehicle to reduce the risk of collision.



Experience the fun of driving MUSSO GRAND.
The four-wheel drive system ensures optimal distribution of power to the front and rear wheels according to road and driving conditions thereby ensuring maximum traction and safety.



On mud, snow or other slippery surfaces, one wheel may slip or lift into the air. In such circumstances, the locking differential locks both wheels on the same axel together so they turn in unison, allowing the vehicle to recover its traction and momentum.


  • Dual smart key

  • Headlights with 'see you home' function

  • Welcome system

  • Automatic door locking system

  • Privacy rear door glass

  • Automatic air conditioning with dual-temperature zones

  • Manual air conditioning

  • C-type USB slots

  • Integrated switch module

  • Load deck lashing hooks

  • Steering wheel mounted audio controls

  • Steering wheel mounted cruise control switches



ENGINE Diesel 2.2
Overall length mm 5,405 / 5,415 (with special pack)
Overall width 1,950
Overall height 1,855 (Poll antenna), 1,885(Shark-fin antenna)
Wheelbase 3,210
Tread Front 1,640 (235/70R17)
Rear 1,640 (235/70R17)
Overhang Front 890 / 900 (with special pack)
Rear 1,305
Minimum ground clearance 220 (Between the axles clearance)
Minimum turning radius m 6.09
ENGINE Fuel - Diesel
Fuel tank L 75
Capacity cc 2,157
Bore X stroke mm 86.2 X 92.4
Compression ratio - 15.5:1
Number of cylinders - 4 in-line
PERFORMANCE Max. power kW/rpm 148.6 / 3,800
ps/rpm 202 / 3,800
Max. torque Nm/rpm 400/1,400~2,800(6MT), 441/1,600~2,600(6AT)
kg.m/rpm 40.8/1,400~2,800(6MT), 45/1,600~2,600(6AT)
Max. speed km/h 172 177 172
ISG (IDLE STOP & GO) - None None Standard None Standard None Standard None Standard
Suspension Front - Double Wishbone
Rear - 5-Link Leaf spring 5-Link Leaf spring 5-Link
WEIGHT Gross vehicle weight kg 2,890 3,260 2,990 3,260 2,990
Kerb weight 2,020~2,105 2,175~2,246 2,110~2,195 2,185~2,256 2,120~2,205
Gross trailer weight Braked 2,600 2,600 2,600 3,000 3,000
Unbraked 750
CO2 (combined) g/km 236~242 231 225 224 217 245 237 236~242 234
Combined L/100km 9.000~9.229 8.809 8.581 8.546 8.275 9.343 9.038 9.000~9.229 8.924
Phase 1(Low Phase) 11.435~11.875 10.159 9.252 10.158 9.02 11.697 10.514 11.435~11.875 10.355
Phase 2(Mid Phase) 8.748~9.032 8.389 8.199 8.091 7.843 9.068 8.923 8.748~9.032 8.799
Phase 3(High Phase) 7.737~7.967 7.702 7.511 7.447 7.243 8.105 7.991 7.737~7.967 7.784
Phase 4(Extra High Phase) 9.328~9.446 9.506 9.478 9.157 9.138 9.693 9.459 9.328~9.446 9.5
  • • The above technical data is based on Europe specification.
  • • The above technical data can vary slightly by regional certification requirements or sales specifications.
  • • The fuel economy can vary according to road conditions or driver's habits.
  • • The declared fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were determined according to the newly introduced World wide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and additionally measured according to the Real Drive Emission (RDE)method during road tests.
  • • The engine complies with the EURO 6d STEP 2 emission standard.
  • • The details do not relate to a single, individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but serve only for comparison purposes among the different vehicle types.


Accessory Catalogue
  • Rear Step

      Step ASSY-RR Bumper s/deck

    • Convenient step to deck with simple folding & unfolding
  • Multi cargo rack

    Cargo rack ass'y-multi

  • Roof Top Tent 01


    • Closed(mm): 1,900 * 2,000 * 1,200
    • Open(mm): 1,900 * 1,200 * 320
    • weight : 75kg
    • Multi cargo rack(p/no:09APA38CS0) must be installed
  • Roof Top Tent 02


    • Closed(mm): 2,250 * 1,500 * 1,520
    • Open(mm): 2,250 * 1,500 * 124
    • weight : 71kg
    • Multi cargo rack(p/no:09APA38CS0) must be installed
  • High Top

    • Musso Deck Top Assy
  • Side Step 2

    • Fixed type with optimal design
    • Patterned board preventing slip and impact
    • Net weight : 13.4kg
    • Size (L*W*H) : 200 * 2,105 * 100 mm
  • Delux Full Top

    • Musso Grand Deck Top Assy-Delux Full
  • Grand Half Top

    • Simple & Agile design
    • Painted (color code should be selected)
    • LED brake lamp, room lamp
    • Strong double conjugation structure, gas absorber
    • Central locking with smart key, electric power door
    • No drilling installation
  • Primium Coupe Top

    • Trendy & Dynamic design
    • Painted (color code should be selected)
    • LED brake lamp, room lamp, heating wiring
    • Strong double conjugation structure, gas absorber
    • Central locking with smart key, electric power door
    • No drilling installation
  • Noble Top

    • Musso Grand Deck Top Assy-Noble
  • Sliding Bed

    • Easy slide-out cargo bed
    • Convenient cargo loading and unloading
    • - 200kg capacity
      - Size : 1,080 X 1,275 X 160mm
      - Coated steel frame (black)
  • Rear Skid Plate

    • Arasion-resistant plate affixed to the bumper to prevent damage
    • Provides sporty look
  • Side Step

    • Fixed type
    • Optimal design
    • Patterned board preventing slip and impact
  • Sports Pedal

    • Classy stainless material
    • Patterned design protecting rust and slip
    • *LHD only
  • Door Garnish

    • Door Garnish set_Q215 & 250 [FRT & RR LH/RH ALL Included]
  • Tail Gate Garnish

    • Tail Gate Garnish_Short Deck
  • Fender Flare

    • Fender Flare[set]-19M/Y(UREA) Short Deck
  • Under Tray

    • Rear Set Under Tray
  • 3D Car Mat

    • Application of TPV material harmless to human body
    • Non-slip safety function
    • Easy to detach and wash/dry
  • Multi Utility Box

    • Black color only
    • Deck top, Roll-bar, Sliding bed cannot be installed together
    • Size (L*W*H) : 580 * 1,540 * 560 mm
    • Net weight : 25kg
  • Blow Manager-air Conditioner

    • After Blow Manager-air Conditioner
  • Air Purifier

    • 4-layer H13 HEPA filter applied and real-time air quality check
    • Ultra-fine dust removal rate of 2.5 microns or less 99.85% per hour
    • Formaldehyde removal rate 99.45% per hour
    • Filter replacement cycle : 500~520 Hours
    • 4-level air volume control function & low noise design
  • Air Purifier

    • 5-layer H13 HEPA fiter applied
    • Indoor air purification for 10 minutes
    • Low noise (30-45dB)
    • In-vehicle air quality LED can be checked(4 levels)
  • 3D Deck Mat

    • Application of TPV material harmless to human body
    • Non-slip safety function
    • Easy to detach and wash/dry
  • Roll Bar

    • Available color : Black
    • Size (L*W*H) : 1,630 * 1,736 * 550 mm
    • Net weight : 30kg
    • Pipe material : SS41(Thickness 2T/ 60.5Ø)
    • Bracket & Panel material : SUS
  • Under Cover

    • Under Body protection from off-road
    • Vehicle dress-up effect
    • Material : SS41, Thickness :3T
    • Size (L*W*H) : 938 * 806 * 109 mm
    • Net weight : 10kg
  • Spinning Wheel Cap

    • Spinning Wheel Cap(1pce)
  • Deck Cover Assy-flat

    • Deck Cover Assy-flat Short
  • Mesh Mat

    • 3D Mesh Mat
    • Mounting on 1st & 2nd row
    • Material : Polyester & nylon
    • Easy cleaning
    • Strong durability with polyester & nylon
  • Wheel Arch Garnish(set)

    • Wheel Arch Garnish(set)_Short Deck Q215 & 250