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Title Leading Eastern European distributors visit KG Mobility in Korea
Date 2023-09-25

Ÿ  KG Mobility’s (KGM) top distributors fromHungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakiacome to Korea for two day visit.

Ÿ  KGM's future development plans and product strategies shared with executives while visiting the production lines and

  the research & design centre.

Ÿ  Overall plan is to increase global sales volumes by diversifying the export sales network, developing customised products

  for each overseas market, and expanding into new markets.


[September 25, 2023] KG Mobility ( has invited its leading distributors for Eastern Europe to its headquarters

in Pyeongtaek and held a conference to share the company's current status and future plans.


The distributors of KGM vehicles in Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia attended the two day visit to the Pyeongtaek plant

between 2223 September.


 Leading Eastern European distributors visited Pyeongtaek plant of KG Mobility, are taking a commemorative photo.


Executives from the distributors had the opportunity to hear about the future development plans for KG Mobility - a new member

of the KG Group - the company's current position, and hear about future strategic models while then going on to tour the production lines

 at the Pyeongtaek plant and visit the research & design centre.


Follow-up discussions with personnel from KGMs overseas business and product divisions then sought the visitorsviews and opinions

on expanding global sales, sharing local marketing and product initiatives and export plans for each overseas market. 


  Leading distributors from Eastern Europe are touring KG Mobility's Pyenogtaek plant.


The distributors with a market share of around 2% in their region, expressed their high expectations for the marketing of the

forthcoming electric powered Torres EVX, which is scheduled to be released soon. They expected that this new car would greatly contribute

to increase local sales volume in their market..


Meanwhile in other parts of the world, KG Mobility is already accelerating its efforts to increase global market share by increasing export sales.  

An export contract with NGT of the United Arab Emirates was agreed in January, a contract for KD (Knock Down) vehicles signed with FUTA Group

of Vietnam in March, and the KD business with SNAM of Saudi Arabia scheduled to begin shipping completed vehicles in volume this year.

In July, KGM chairman Jea-sun Kwak personally attended the European Torres launch event and held a meeting with distributors to discuss global

field management.


KG Mobility said,We have high expectations for increasing sales through our overseas distributors with the launch of new products into export market

and more aggressive marketing strategies.


We will further increase our global sales by developing customised products for each overseas market, and advance into new markets

by diversifying our export sales network. [End]

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