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Title KG Mobility holds conference for the Africa, Middle East and CIS regions
Date 2023-07-18

Ÿ  Sharing and training on new products through conferences with distributors regarding KG mobility’s product development plans and export strategies etc.

Ÿ  Laying the foundation for cooperative relationship such as prior exchanges with local distributors in Saudi Arabia related to the SNAM project

Ÿ  Increase sales by strengthening various local marketing strategies as well as active cooperation with distributors


 [July 18, 2023] KG Mobility (, following the European market Torres launch and distributors conference, accelerated efforts to

penetrate the export market. by introduced new products and held conferences with distributors for region of Africa, Middle East, and CIS.




The conference, which was held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, from Jul.16th (local time) to the 20th, was attended by product and

marketing managers from 13 countries in the Africa, Middle East and CIS region.


In particular, enhanced understanding of products improvement models such as Torres and New Rexton through training on new products

as well as sharing new KG Mobility CI, corporate vision, mid- to long-term product development plans & export strategies andalso various plans

were discussed to expand sales and strengthen competitiveness in overseas markets, such as announcing excellent agency activities for each sector..


Through this conference, KG Mobility plans to expand the launch of Torres to the Africa, Middle East and CIS regions, as well as increase sales volume

by increasing new distributors.



Meanwhile, the KD cooperation project with SNAM of Saudi Arabia plans to expand production to 30,000 through plant construction

for the future second stage business by starting the first stage of local assembly production from 2023 as start of shipment

in September this year following the start of construction of a local assembly plant in January last year.


A spokesperson for KG Mobility mentioned,Prior to the full-scale promotion of the SNAM project, KG Mobility will further increase global sales volume

to the Africa, Middle East and CIS region through active cooperation with distributors of Africa, Middle East and CIS regions, and reinforcement

of local marketing strategies as well as prior exchanges with distributors by location of Saudi Arabia, ,<End>

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