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Title KG Mobility launches Torres in Europe and expands global sales in full scale
Date 2023-07-13

Ÿ  Chairman Kwak Jea-sun attended in person and held a meeting with distributors to accelerate on-site management with global wide-ranging.

Ÿ  Sharing mid- to long-term product development plans and export strategies of KG Mobility through conferences with distributors.

Ÿ  Increase sales through active cooperation with distributors, local marketing strategies, and reinforcement of targeting emerging markets.


 [July 13, 2023] KG Mobility ( held a European market launch event for Torres, which is gaining sensational popularity

 in the domestic market, and started to expand global sales in full scale.




At the launch event held in Warsaw, Poland on Jul.11thand 13th(local time), KG Mobilitys Chairman Kwak Jea-sun accelerated the field management

with global wide-ranging steps through meeting with distributor representatives and interviewing with local media by attending the event in person.


In addition, officials attended the event including Managing Director Hwang Ki-young of KG Mobility Europe/Russia Division, and the presidents

and sales representative of 22 European countries.



KG Mobility Chairman Kwak Jea-sun said in his greeting,I would like to thank you for being with KG Mobility even in difficult circumstances.

With a fresh start as KG Mobility, sales in the European market in the first half of the year are showing a growth of more than 50% along with a turnaround,

In particular, as we have to create new opportunities and achievements starting with the launch of Torres, which has proven its marketability

in the domestic market, we need active interest and cooperation from all of our distributors.





In addition, Chairman Kwak Jea-sun emphasized the importance of the European market. through an interview with Polish Economy TV,

 Europe is a leading market for electrification and is a very important market in line with the realization of KG Mobilitys vision.

In addition to existing models, the launch of Torres has strengthened the SUV lineup, and as the Torres EVX is scheduled to be released at the end of this year,

we plan to maximize synergy effects by cooperating with local distributors,



Starting with the launch of Torres, KG Mobility plans to start sales in Europe in full scale, and plans to actively support and strengthen online marketing

through the development of various digital contents as well as fleet marketing activities of distributors.


In addition, it plans to expand the Torres craze in the domestic market to the global market through the launch of the Torres EVX

from the second half of the year, along with actively seeking ways to enter emerging markets such as the Balkan Peninsula.


In particular, we held a conference with distributors to share long-term product development plans and export strategies as well as new KG Mobility CI

and discussed various ways to expand sales and strengthen competitiveness in overseas markets, such as announcing excellent agency activities in each sector.




Officials of distributors who completed the test drive of Torres expressed strong confidence in the strong exterior design of the authentic SUV style

as well as excellent driving performance and ride comfort, and said that they would be able to fully satisfy local customers in Europe as well received

 in Korea for their excellent product competitiveness.


KG Mobility said,Through this launching event, we were able to confirm that Torres, which is gaining sensational popularity in the domestic market,

can succeed in the global market.We plan to expand global sales through active cooperation with local European distributors, as well as various local marketing strategies,

activities to improve brand awareness, and strengthened targeting in emerging markets.<Ends>


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