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Title KG Mobility conduct service training by inviting managers in overseas distributors
Date 2023-05-18

Ÿ  Service and quality training will be conducted from the May 9th to the June 2ndfor service and quality managers in 23 countries around the world.

Ÿ  Provide a Service training such as engine, chassis, & electric field as well as driving test, field training, and time to share company development strategies.

Ÿ  Improvement of overseas customer satisfaction through improving global service capabilities and increase global sales volume by acceleration of targeting overseas markets



[May 18, 2023 (Thursday)] KG Mobility ( conduct service training to enhance overseas agency service capabilities and strengthen mutual ties by inviting global service and quality managers in line with Torres' full-fledged entry into the global market..



This overseas service training program will be held at the maintenance technology center in the Pyeongtaek plant from the May 9th (Tuesday) to June 2nd by dividing into 4 times and Service managers from 23 major exporting countries, including Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Asia, and Africa, including Europe, planning to launch Torres in July.



Participants in the program will be received field training by using driving tests and software diagnostic equipment with service training for Torres and new systems such as engines, chassis, and electronic. There was also time to share KG Mobility's future development strategies including company's current status, future strategic model, and design philosophy by touring the production line and design center of the Pyeongtaek plant.









In addition, the participants discussed various ways to provide more improved services to customers through service case analysis and service content sharing during the training, and committed to providing faster and more perfect service to global customers as showing satisfaction with the excellent quality and competitiveness of Torres and other products.



Meanwhile, KG Mobility conducts service training every year by inviting service and quality managers from distributors around the world in line with the launch of new vehicles to improve global service and quality capabilities and strengthen communication between service networks.



KG Mobility official said, “We’re supporting perfect customer response as well as improving the maintenance capabilities of overseas distributors through product and service training and field practice for new vehicles and new systems such as Torres, “In the future we will further increase our global sales volume by strengthening overseas market penetration, such as pioneering emerging markets as well as improving overseas customer satisfaction by strengthening global service capabilities’” <Ends>










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